Smart Shelf

Connected Retail Shelf

Bringing brick-and-mortar retail into the digital age

RW has built custom sensors that are installed on shelving units to turn them into smart shelves that track stock levels, movement, restocking, and out-of-stock events in real-time. With advanced analytics, this data is aggregated and provided to brands and retailers.

Transforming in-store retail with connected shelving

Category optimization and in-store operations are the highest-priority strategic issues for both retailers - half of new products fail due to stocking and compliance issues. Smart shelves empower users to discover and optimize labor, category, and store operations.

Redefining retail shelves

Our approach starts with understanding the economics of the retail supply chain for select categories including ordering, inventory management, and re-stocking. Only after breaking-down the problem and pushing through “mental inertia” in the retail industry, were we able to discover and build an ecosystem of products that change how brands and retailers think about managing their stores.

Building a new smart shelf

We retrofit existing shelving products and connected them to the internet allowing us to get real-time product movement per SKU. By connecting movement to POS transactions, brands and retailers can closely monitor the movement of their products.

Track different products and brands throughout the store


Over 50% of new product introductions fail due to out of stock and lack of planogram compliance.


Empower brand managers with on-the-ground insights of what's happening at the grocer.


Average out of stock rate in a grocery category is 7.9%, and it costs retailers 4% loss in category sales.


Early trials quantified out of stock at 20%+ on packaged produce with 50% gross margins. This data has been used to optimize restock events.

product tracking

Bring brick-and-mortar retail into the digital age

Convert physical shelves…
Into a real-time digital inventory

Prioritize re-stocking by brand and availability

We build full custom sensors and hardware

Creating transformational IoT products requires highly efficient connected sensors
that allow scale without dramatic cost.

Custom hardware captures the perfect amount of data

Determining the right amount of data to capture is a challenge of balancing manufacturing and engineering cost with the value of the data being generated. By building custom PCBs, we’re able to significantly reduce per-sensor cost while building housing that is prepared for the harsh retail environment.

Custom firmware communicates data in real-time

Custom hardware requires firmware and communication in order to properly generate and transmit data. By using a combination of Bluetooth, Cellular, and LoRaWAN technologies, the smart shelf can deliver real-time information cost effectively.

Using data to build the right experiences for the right users

Once data is generated, aggregated and analyzed, it’s essential to build different experiences to target a multitude of users from store managers to brand managers.

Give us your hard problems

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