Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) ATM + Platform

Redefining the ATM for the Digital Age

RW has built an end-to-end Bitcoin ATM that allows consumers with a bitcoin wallet to purchase or withdraw US currency conveniently from an ATM. This includes the full ecosystem of services required to authenticate and manage an ATM network.

In the Press!

As the largest bitcoin network in the world, Coinsource is frequently featured in the news. Watch as the Wall Street Journal ventures to our different Bitcoin ATMs in New York.

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Redefining the ATM

We provide convenience and accessibility for the growing number of people using bitcoin for everyday transactions. Our ATMs are the fastest and most secure way to turn your bitcoin into cash, and your cash into bitcoin.

Connecting to Digital

Our ATM is here to make sure every user has an easy and convenient option when it comes to buying bitcoin. Our machines are installed in key population centers, within stores that are open late or 24 hours a day.

We have re-built and redefined the ATM

In order to bring ATMs into the new age, we needed to fully overhaul the entire hardware and software technology stack to create the most scalable and secure Bitcoin ATM in the world.

Turning Bitcoin into US Currency requires tremendous security

Building a new Bitcoin ATM requires operational, physical and digital security of every element within the ATM. Each component is constantly tested while we support over 200 operational units in the field.

Building ATM firmware and drivers requires advanced engineering

Every element within our Bitcoin ATM needed to be redesigned and rebuilt to handle cryptocurrency and a modern technology stack. Our engineers capably worked with manufacturers to re-write hardware drivers and develop an all-new abstraction layer for improved security.

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