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GIS + Responsive Web + Global Payments

Billboarder set out to create a programmatic ad-buying experience that leapfrogged the competition and empowered their customers to control of their own campaigns. Whether a small business or large enterprise, Billboarder makes bringing outdoor media buying in-house simple and painless.


Making the out-of-home ad-buying experience as accessible as the digital ad buying experience is no easy task. The out-of-home industry is built on strong relationships and complex logistics. Instead of focusing on the technology, we focused on building a platform on top of those relationships, while taking the complexity out of the logistics.

In order to innovate in an industry stuck behind traditional brokers, it was critical to show partners, vendors, and champions a future through elegant design and prototyping.


Creating a great out-of-home campaign requires careful demographic analysis, inventory identification and procurement, strong creative, printing, and installation. Billboarder consolidates all of these activities into one, simple-to-use platform. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can process source inventory, process payments, assign artwork to media, and confirm proof of posting without leaving their desk or picking up the phone.


By capturing the user’s advertising goals with a sophisticated GIS research platform, Billboarder is able to directly source and procure available inventory. Global payments in any currency are made easy by using credit cards or ACH transfers.


The Media Command Center gives users control over media buying and fulfillment. With the ability to track status, communicate with all parties, and escalate issues quickly and easily, Billboarder ensures that the campaign launches on time.

After working side-by-side with the client and vendors to understand how and when critical communications were being handled, we were able to build a user experience that empowered the conversations already happening, so user adoption was seamless for everyone.


In its initial pilot, Billboarder quickly became one of the fastest growing out door media agencies, with clients ranging from small businesses to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Explainer Video

Explaining a platform to the uninitiated was always going to be a challenge. We created an explainer video to make it simple and accessible to a broad range of audiences from small businesses to enterprise clients to agency partners.


Billboarder needed a landing page that would get users to sign up and request their first campaign without human intervention. Rocket Wagon built a streamlined landing page with a clear call to action to watch the explainer video and “Get Started.” For users that wanted a deeper understanding of how out-of-home media works, we built a content infrastructure to make sure the user never needed to leave the site.

The team at Rocket Wagon really understood the importance of building a platform that creates strong relationships among all parties.
Tony Christos, CEO - Billboarder

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