Caring for a newborn is one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks a parent or caretaker will face, and it’s easy for details to fall through the cracks of a hectic schedule. Fragmented approaches to recording and analyzing events in the course of this care can further complicate the necessity of completing the very actions you are trying to track. Baby Bundle provides a non-intrusive assistant during this exciting but demanding time


Baby Bundle grants caretakers a suite of tools in a single mobile app that consolidates and simplifies the daily necessities of newborn care. Important events can be tracked, development milestone advice provided and monitoring via mobile devices is facilitated within a simple and intuitive mobile UI.

API Deployment

A stateless RESTful API can be scaled horizontally regardless of what technology is used to build the service. Node.js is utilized to provide incredibly fast response times for data-intensive, real-time mobile applications - high resource efficiency means less horizontal scaling is required and hardware costs are lower.


Aligning product definition with business goals is easily the most critical step in building any new product. When defining the experience, be selective with the non-essential.

On Apple Watch Now

And of course, the latest version of Babybundle is on Apple Watch.

It Is All About Data

We also help collect tons of data with an internationally deployed API.

Our rebrand and new homepage resonated and helped us connect with new members. To the tune of 60% growth in signups from the Baby Bundle homepage.
Nick von Christierson, Founder/CEO

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