Users are a vast untapped resource in multimedia advertisement. In evaluating this problem, there is an overlap of interests in user-generated content and content generated by advertisers. Users consistently share experiences on social media with businesses and brands that resonate with them and without a proper way to funnel this content, the potential impact is lost. popAD empowers advertisers and users to collaborate in a curated high-quality way with mutual benefit.


We developed a platform to bring user-generated content to companies by facilitating a community of talented media creators whose work is available for immediate advertising use. popAD provides users value beyond monetary compensation by amplifying the visibility of their content in local and national advertising campaigns. This type of media benefits companies by being fast, relevant, and relatable to the customer base that created them.


The branding created for popAD allows the user’s creativity to be the most important asset. By using a simple color palette that draws upon functionality, the content is highlighted and serves as the driving force of the app.


With popAD being a catalyst for popular media, companies have the advantage of new assets from the community at large. popAD leverages the power of community brand ambassadors who rate and curate the quality of the premium photography provided. Organizations can remain at the forefront of quality media to target specific audiences faster than ever, using the popAD suite of tools.


Marketing and ad agencies spend thousands of dollars on content purchases while prolonging media for new campaign launches. popAD has not only reduced the time of content delivery but has also decreased the cost of paying exclusive creatives high wages for limited delivery.

Imagine a world in which photos you take with your phone and post to Instagram or Facebook could benefit you when used as brand messages.
Jim Price, President/CEO - Empower MediaMarketing