Industrial Drones Take Flight: NCPS Research + Rocket Wagon

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Erik O'Brien - Manager of Market Development and Operations at Rocket Wagon
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Industrial Drones Take Flight: NCPS Research selects Rocket Wagon to Boost IoT-Enabled Drone Development

Rocket Wagon to deliver commercial IoT solutions for new US drone facility

Chicago, IL – NCPS Research LLC (NCPS), the Internet of Things (IoT) intelligence company has today announced a strategic partnership with pioneering IoT and digital consultancy Rocket Wagon. Rocket Wagon will develop advanced commercial IoT applications for NCPS Research to develop improved industrial robotic drones for the rapidly expanding drone markets. These markets cover a broad range of sectors including power line monitoring, agricultural assessment and management, first responder support, insurance damage assessment, road and rail transportation infrastructure monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Rocket Wagon’s engineers and designers will provide expertise in user experience (UX) design, data visualization, IoT programming, and strategy to NCPS Research’s drone facility. The partnership will help NCPS capitalize on the rapidly growing global market opportunities for drones with embedded IoT intelligence and enhanced flight and operational capabilities. The expansion efforts will also include pursuing partnerships with leading universities in the United States and China.

Rocket Wagon CEO Phil Perkins said: “Rocket Wagon is proud to partner with NCPS in the exponentially growing drone industry. Rocket Wagon’s deep user experience, design, and engineering expertise will contribute to the evolution in industrial drones being produced by the world-class engineers at NCPS’s facility.”

About NCPS Research

Established in 2007, NCPS Research focuses on applying Internet of Things intelligence and radical innovation to enable and create engineering complex products that will become part of a global, connected community for enhanced design, operational and product support capabilities which can change the way products are built and used throughout the world.

About Rocket Wagon

Rocket Wagon is an Enterprise IoT & Digital Services Company that prepares organizations for the transformational potential of IoT, driving growth and success for organizations in today’s connected world.

Rocket Wagon is one of the first firms to combine the ability to re-imagine, visualize, transform and scale organizations into a highly distributed, connected product environment. Rocket Wagon bring expertise in digital, physical, sensors, data, and analytics allowing clients to pursue and deliver on ambitious ideas and together, create a new world of opportunities.