Suzanne Keenan

Suzanne Keenan

CIO Emeritus Wawa; SVP Comcast; VP PECO Energy

Prior to Wawa, Ms. Suzanne L. Keenan served as Senior Vice President of Customer Service – Comcast Cable Communications Inc., a subsidiary of Comcast Corp. Ms. Keenan oversaw customer service operations and was responsible for developing and promoting national customer service initiatives.

Before joining Comcast in 1999, Ms. Keenan served in various management roles for PECO Energy’s distribution company, including Vice President of Customer and Marketing Services, General Manager Customer Service and Director of Field Services.

She was named Penn State’s Nuclear Engineering Outstanding Alumni Lecturer for 1999 and Penn State’s Outstanding Engineering Alumna. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Ms. Keenan holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering and an MA from the University of Pittsburgh in Health Physics.

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