Embrace change as opportunity with Rocket Wagon.

Many enterprises think of connected experiences simply as smarter products – thus missing the big opportunities. We’ll help you reimagine your business and unlock sustainable growth with solutions that leverage IoT, AI, design thinking, and digital services.
Rocket Wagon Approach

Our core competencies

Whether your experience requires hardware, software or data, we reduce development time by quickly bringing your idea to life and testing in action. We take you from concept to pilot, fast!

Product Strategy - Rocket Wagon

Strategy & Product Management

Our deep IoT and digital experience promotes breakthrough design thinking, creating new revenue streams by analyzing business and consumer needs. Then, we’ll help you build a plan that fits your budget, from choosing sensors to sourcing manufacturers.

Design Thinking - Rocket Wagon

User-Centered Design

Our deep design thinking uncovers innovative solutions to complex business challenges. We build a seamless connection between the digital and physical realms, creating delightful experiences that produce value for enterprises and their customers.

Change Leadership - Rocket Wagon

Change Leadership

We work with stakeholders at every level to ensure that radical new ideas are accepted and championed. We get the right people at the table to create a shared understanding of both the urgent need for true transformation and its lasting impact.

Advanced Software Engineering - Rocket Wagon

Advanced Software Engineering

We build amazing mobile and web experiences on globally scalable platforms, leveraging security, connectivity and interoperability best practices. We’re experts in integrating new connected experiences with your business processes.

Advanced Hardware Engineering - Rocket Wagon

Advanced Hardware Engineering

We always uncover the best hardware and firmware solutions to suit your needs, whether it’s an off-the-shelf sensor or a fully customized option that leverages our in-house hardware, firmware, connectivity and power management capabilities.

Advanced Analytics - Rocket Wagon

AI & Data Science

We are masters at capturing and structuring data to drive new insights. We’re always working to create new, data-driven business opportunities for you, using the most advanced tools available to continue evolving your products, services and operations.

Key Industries

We can tackle any kind of project, in any kind of industry, and our work proves it. We also have extensive experience in these core areas:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Smart Retail
  • Health Care
  • Inventory Management
  • Fintech & Cryptocurrencies
Our Results