We combine the Internet and things

We work side-by-side with you to create transformational roadmaps and connected solutions, all based on deep industry knowledge and our proven experience with big data, AI, and IoT ecosystems.
  • Connected Strategy

    When potentially disruptive forces appear to be lingering in every corner, it can be difficult to know where to start. We help you find the signal in the noise to create a clear vision built on an understanding of what will stay consistent over time to drive smart investments.

  • Advanced Product Engineering

    IoT requires an unprecedented level of collaboration across disciplines and teams. Our small, multi-disciplinary teams include experience designers, hardware engineers, digital engineers, and data scientists.

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

    The natural tendency of business is to focus on augmenting the core business and using data internally, but the data generated by IoT often offers bigger opportunities. Our advanced analytics team puts data at the center right from the beginning.

  • Commercialization Management

    Organizational forces can deliver disruptive solutions to an early grave. We innoculate investments from corporate anti-bodies to get the right decision-makers to the table from the beginning to truly deliver transformational change.

Our competences

Whether it’s hardware, software, or data we reduce time by quickly bringing the concept to life and testing in action. We take you from concept to pilot, fast!

Strategy & Product Management

Transformational business strategies, uncovering new value and bringing clarity to development of the product that creates new revenue streams and cost reduction by solving complex problems through specialized planning and management

Digital design

Our user centered design approach creates experiences for users and customers that integrate seamlessly with their lives.

Market Testing

We research your users and customers to quickly validate concepts - taking the risk out of building new solutions.

Advanced Software Engineering

We software craftsmen and craftswomen are creating amazing mobile and web experiences on highly scalable IoT and cloud platforms.

Hardware, Power, and Connectivity

Whether you need to find the right off-the-shelf sensor or develop your own custom sensor, we help you find the right solution that balances sensors costs, power management, and connectivity.

Advanced Analylitics & AI

Our team of strategists and data scientists can help you create new business opportunities using the most advanced tools available.

Key Industries

While we’re excited to tackle any kind of project, we have extensive experience in these core areas:

  • Connected Home & Cities
  • Smart Retail
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial & Operations
Our Results