Unlock Value with the Internet of Things

Rocket Wagon is an Enterprise IoT & Digital Services Company that transforms industries, re-imagines business models and unlocks value for businesses and end users
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Build a smarter city that interacts together

Track operational efficiency with connected sensors

Identify product availability to employees and customers

Track your products anywhere in the world in real-time
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Re-imagine with IoT

We are an IoT firm that knows a lot about disruption. We solve problems yet to be solved by re-imagining your business model. We unlock the transformational potential of IoT – from evolutionary to revolutionary. We position your business for success through our proprietary enterprise IoT approach. We help you build traction through prototyping and market validation. But that’s only the beginning…

  • Identify
    user behavior, deliver target messaging
  • Cloud
    for smart products that is channel agnostic
  • Analyze
    data from connected IoT products

Transform Your Industry

We’re obsessed with ending the cycle of sameness, fighting back against the forces pulling businesses into making the same incremental improvements and expecting disruptive results. The world tells us that wagons wheels are meant to be on the ground, so we put rockets on them.

Unlock Hidden Value

We approach IoT by looking at the issues from outside in, breaking down your value chain and aligning your organization to make the idea successful by inoculating it from corporate anti-bodies. We solve by holistically breaking down your strategy, process, software, hardware, and data to build unique solutions that focus on the voice of your customer.