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The 4th industrial revolution

How is IoT defining today and tomorrow’s world? #wtfiot

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Part 1 / 6

Will Your Organization Die at the Connected Chasm?

Companies that want to capture their share of the $14 trillion that is projected to be added to the global economy by 2030 must first cross the “connected chasm”. And that requires a mindset shift.

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Part 2 / 6

Stop Selling Products to Cross the Connected Chasm

Disruption is lurking around every corner, and mass adoption of IoT initiatives increases the risk of disruption exponentially. Selling the same product in the same old way is no longer enough to keep a company afloat.

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Part 3 / 6

The Four Imperatives of Successful IoT

There’s no single blueprint for creating a successful IoT ecosystem, but there are 4 key imperatives to working towards that transformation.

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Part 4 / 6

Connected Solution Design: Mastering Storytelling and Tension

Designing for a connected world demands a different approach from designing for digital or physical products alone.

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Part 5 / 6

Building Tomorrow with the New Technology Stack

Creating a successful connected product is far more complex than your standard digital service or CPG product.

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Part 6 / 6

Lean Product Development for the Internet of Things

Lean product development practices allow engineering teams to quickly optimize products while simultaneously shipping new features, eliminating waste and continuously improving the quality of the deliverable.

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